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4 Nov, 2021 14:13

Insulate Britain take eco protest to Parliament, mounting police vans & GLUING themselves to vehicles

Insulate Britain take eco protest to Parliament, mounting police vans & GLUING themselves to vehicles

Environmental activists from Insulate Britain have blocked roads around Parliament Square in Westminster to draw attention to their cause, after weeks of disrupting traffic on London's M25 orbital road and and other key arteries.

More than 60 activists descended on Bridge Street and the peers' entrance to the Houses of Parliament on Thursday, with many deploying their now-familiar tactic of gluing their hands to the road to block traffic.

A video caught one member of the movement in the act of sticking his hand to the tarmac to join a row of fellow Insulate Britain activists.

Footage even captured one activist who had climbed onto a police van outside Parliament surrounded by officers who urged him to get down, while one image showed a man who had glued his hand to a law enforcement van.

The group, which campaigns for the government to insulate the country's homes as a practical means of both reducing carbon emissions and ending fuel poverty, could somewhat ironically be seen stopping an insulation lorry during its latest protest. Advertising on the truck said that it offered insulation, as well as drywall and ceiling services.

Activist Paul Sheeky told the BBC that the movement was taking its demo to Westminster after weeks of hearing from drivers that its road-blocking at major traffic points was "not the right way to be doing this; go to Parliament, protest there."

The latest protest comes after around 60 of the group's activists blocked roads in Birmingham and near Manchester airport, as well as the M25.

Nine members of Insulate Britain are due to appear at the High Court on November 16, accused of breaking an injunction from National Highways prohibiting certain of their demonstrations. Protesters who breach the protective measure run the risk of imprisonment and/or an unlimited fine.

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