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27 Oct, 2021 15:50

Insulate Britain activists block roads again, undaunted by injunctions, arrests, and furious drivers (VIDEOS)

Insulate Britain activists block roads again, undaunted by injunctions, arrests, and furious drivers (VIDEOS)

Almost 50 Insulate Britain activists have been arrested after blocking two major roads in West London and Kent during peak hours. The eco-warriors struck again despite four injunctions forbidding them from stalling traffic.

Dozens of campaigners again blocked the roads at two locations in Dartford, Kent on Wednesday morning, including the slip road onto the UK’s busiest motorway the M25, as well as the A40 in West London, very much to the fury of drivers, who were desperately honking their horns and asking the protesters to move away.

A few activists said ink was thrown over them – but that it wouldn’t stop them. “There is nothing more important than insulating people’s homes and making a start to cutting emissions,” one of the protesters with a dye-covered face told journalists.

Some 49 campaigners were arrested – 32 near Dartford and 17 in North Acton.

Another was quoted by the campaign as saying she was even ready to lose her home and go to prison.

After Wednesday’s demonstrations, the group issued a statement saying that it would return to the roads “at the earliest opportunity to continue our campaign of nonviolent civil resistance.”

Activists from Insulate Britain have staged numerous disruptive protests by blocking roads in London and around the city. This has resulted in hundreds of arrests and four injunctions, including the “super injunction” granted on October 25 by the High Court forbidding the campaign group from interfering with entire strategic road network.

The new string of protests comes just days before the crucial UN Climate Change summit (COP26), which starts on October 31.

Insulate Britain is a recently launched environmental group, which is part of the Extinction Rebellion movement. Its declared goal is “to force the government to insulate Britain’s leaky homes” by 2030 in order to make UK housing low-energy.

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