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12 Mar, 2021 14:51

TV presenter Davina McCall accused of victim-blaming for criticizing 'fear-mongering', man-hating amid Sarah Everard murder

TV presenter Davina McCall accused of victim-blaming for criticizing 'fear-mongering', man-hating amid Sarah Everard murder

British television presenter Davina McCall sparked controversy after claiming that the abduction and murder of women in the UK is "extremely rare" and "fear-mongering isn't healthy" following the killing of Sarah Everard.

McCall wrote Friday on Twitter that female abduction and murder is rare, though "we should all be vigilant when out alone."

The television personality also said that "men's mental health is an issue as well," claiming that seeing all men as dangerous "is bad for our sons, brothers, partners."

Many people agreed with McCall, who had received some 30,000 likes on her post as of this writing. But many others criticised her for the "insensitive timing" of her commentary, as tensions remain high over the disappearance and murder of Everard.

"This is a bad take Davina. My life has been seriously affected by rape, abuse, groping, and harassment all at the hands of men. I have PTSD as a result,"responded one woman. "Yes, there are good men. But on the street alone, day or night, how do we tell them from the bad ones?"

Empire Magazine editor-in-chief Terri White also condemned McCall's post, tweeting, "We have an epidemic of violence against women (by men) in this country and this is so unhelpful and hurtful to every women who's been abused, assaulted, harassed, beaten, raped or yes, killed."

McCall sparked even more backlash after she went on to say that she "wouldn't walk home alone in the dark," and neither would "lots of men," with critics accusing her of victim-blaming.

"With all due respect Davina that statement is coming from a place of privilege. You wouldn't walk home alone in the dark because you don't have to, not everyone has that luxury,"declared one user, while singer Katy B pointed out that working-class women can't afford to take taxis and often have to walk in the dark.

McCall's tweets may have been a response to Green Party Baroness Jenny Jones, who called for a 6pm curfew for men on Wednesday following Everard's disappearance.

Also on rt.com Men-only CURFEW should be imposed after murder of London woman, Green party baroness suggests, prompting mockery online

Sarah Everard, 33, disappeared on March 3 and was last seen in south London after she left her friend's house.

A Metropolitan Police officer was arrested as part of the investigation into the case before human remains were discovered in Kent. The remains were identified as Everard’s by police on Friday.

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