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24 Dec, 2020 12:03

Labour MP accused of ‘terrorising’ children with bizarre Christmas letter detailing Santa’s extensive Covid precautions

Labour MP accused of ‘terrorising’ children with bizarre Christmas letter detailing Santa’s extensive Covid precautions

Labour MP Luke Pollard opened a floodgate of internet hate after writing a letter to his constituents in which he claimed Santa Claus had received a Covid-19 jab and that children were saving lives by not seeing their relatives.

Pollard, who represents Plymouth, started the message by reassuring young people that Father Christmas will still be able to deliver presents this year, despite strict restrictions on movement and gatherings during the holidays.

He went on to claim that Santa was vaccinated against coronavirus and that all of his reindeer have tested negative for the illness. Furthermore, all necessary precautions have been taken to ensure that Santa’s workshop in the North Pole is a “Covid-secure workplace,” Pollard reassured the children of his constituency. 

The MP suggested, however, to leave some hand sanitiser out, along with the more traditional mince pie and carrots, for Santa and his helpers when they arrive. 

Pollard ended the message by thanking “all the young people in Plymouth” for “missing school and missing friends,” insisting that they were helping to “slow the spread of the virus.” He added that in order to “keep people safe,” children may not be able to see their grandparents, friends or neighbors like they usually would during Christmas.

“You and your family are doing the right thing by staying home,” the Labour MP wrote. 

If Pollard’s intention was to put out a light-hearted morale-booster, it appears he wildly missed the mark. Responses to his letter on Twitter were near unanimous in their disgust for the Christmas stunt. Numerous comments accused Pollard of trying to indoctrinate children so that they will be more compliant with the government’s controversial Covid-19 measures, and said that Christmas and Santa should never be politicised. 

Others noted that contrary to Pollard’s claims, there will almost certainly be families in Plymouth who will be unable to afford gifts for their children, at least partly due to the disastrous economic consequences resulting from the government-imposed lockdown. 

Even Pollard’s imaginative explanation of how Santa would be able to deliver gifts didn’t persuade some Twitter observers. 

“Sick and factually incorrect. Santa cannot travel between tiers with or without a vaccine. Take it down, it and you are a disgrace,” read one reply, referring to the country’s multi-leveled Covid restrictions scheme.

British businessman and entrepreneur Simon Dolan, who has tried unsuccessfully to overturn coronavirus restrictions using court challenges, described the letter as a new low for the nation’s parliamentarians. 

Pollard isn’t the only public figure to drag Santa into the global health crisis. White House Covid Task Force member Dr. Anthony Fauci said during a ‘Sesame Street’ special that he had personally traveled to the North Pole and vaccinated Santa so that he could deliver presents this year. 

In a similar public service announcement directed at children, Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer held a Zoom call with ‘Santa’ in which she encouraged the state’s young people to call their grandparents and other relatives, but avoid Christmas gatherings. 

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