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12 Sep, 2020 21:10

Party police strike again: UK cops bust house party, issue £10,000 fine to TEENAGER

Party police strike again: UK cops bust house party, issue £10,000 fine to TEENAGER

A teenager who dared host a house party for 50 people in Nottinghamshire has felt the full force of coronavirus penalties, and was slapped with a £10,000 fine. Across the UK, police forces are cracking down on unauthorized fun.

Nottinghamshire police broke up the party on Friday night, sent the 50 guests packing, and issued a £10,000 penalty notice to the 19-year-old host. Touting the crackdown in a statement, Assistant Chief Constable Steve Cooper said the raid showed how police were willing to use “the full powers we have to deal with this.”

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The bust came two days before a raft of strict new coronavirus rules are set to come into force in the UK. Most social gatherings will be limited to groups of six, with fines for rulebreakers going up to £3,200. Those who refuse to pay will face a day in court and a potential criminal record.

Cooper warned anyone thinking of hosting a gathering before the rules kick in that his officers will be waiting to spoil their fun. “We will not tolerate those who deliberately put other people’s lives in danger,” he said, calling on citizens to “take responsibility” for their actions. The constable did point out that the teen was given a chance to shut the party down earlier, when council workers visited the property, but refused.

Elsewhere, Britain’s police departments have been busy clamping down on parties so far this weekend. Greater Manchester Police broke up a city-center house party, and a wedding and 60th birthday party in Bolton on Friday night, handing out penalty notices to all involved. Hertfordshire Police meanwhile arrested a woman in London on Friday, after she’d allegedly organized an “unlicensed music event” for 300 people in the town of Bishop’s Stortford last month.

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