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5 Sep, 2020 09:05

Farage pledges to revive Brexit Party and ‘kill the Tories’ if BoJo caves to EU in crunch talks

Farage pledges to revive Brexit Party and ‘kill the Tories’ if BoJo caves to EU in crunch talks

Leading Euroskeptic Nigel Farage has issued a stern warning to the UK’s ruling Conservative Party, vowing to cause electoral havoc for it once again if it caves to the European Union in Brexit negotiations.

Farage, one of the chief architects of Brexit, made a grim forecast about the UK’s performance in the talks, saying that he believes the Tory government will “betray” the wishes of the British people during the crunch discussions.

In an overt threat to Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Farage said that he will revive the Brexit Party and destroy the Conservatives electorally if they fail to deliver what the British people voted for.

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“For Boris and his team to give in to what Michel Barnier wants, it would be a breach of contract with the British people… It would also be a complete betrayal of Brexit and that support hanging by a thread would disappear,” Farage said in an interview with Brexit Watch.

“I did meet a Cabinet minister last week and I said to him if you mess this up we are going to come and kill you once again. This time it might possibly be for good,” he added.

Farage has been a thorn in the Tories’ side for years, siphoning away millions of voters, first with the UK Independence Party (UKIP) and then with the Brexit Party. In last year’s general election, he gave Johnson’s party a massive boost by standing down Brexit Party candidates. The Brexit mastermind said it was better to back Johnson than allow a second referendum on EU membership to take place.

The politician predicted that the Conservatives’ sense of “self-survival” will likely save it from completely caving to the EU’s demands and said that he expects a deal will be struck “at the last minute.”

“I suspect it won't give all the things that I and the Brexit Party would want,” he said. “But I suspect it won't be so bad that it leaves such a big chink of daylight for others to come in.”

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