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25 May, 2020 07:55

‘I didn’t realize Wales wasn’t in England’: Woman goes viral for ill-informed Twitter rant after being ejected from beach

‘I didn’t realize Wales wasn’t in England’: Woman goes viral for ill-informed Twitter rant after being ejected from beach

An English woman was left red-faced after being caught red-handed flouting lockdown rules by police on a Welsh beach. Despite invoking the decree of Boris Johnson, it was the woman’s geographical knowledge which let her down.

The woman reportedly travelled 100 miles from the West Midlands to Gwynedd beach in Barmouth on Wednesday, the hottest day of the year so far, blissfully unaware that different lockdown rules apply to different countries in the United Kingdom.

In footage from the scene, as police confront her she pointedly asks: “You’re telling me it’s illegal to be at this beach when Boris Johnson said that you can?”

In her defense, which she later posted in a foul-mouthed tirade on Twitter, she claimed she “didn’t realise Wales wasn’t in England.”

“I was ignorant. I didn’t realise Wales wasn’t in England... Fully understand I was in the wrong. See I admit when I f**k up,” the woman later posted in a barrage of brummie bluster, according to North Wales Live.

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“But tomorrow we going to an English beach. F**k you Wales you bunch of ba****ds. No f**ker was even there locals lined up waiting.”

At the moment, rules in England state that, once social distancing is observed, people are free to exercise, sunbathe and picnic as they please, so long as they return home the same day. 

In Wales, daily exercise is unlimited but must be performed solo or with members of our household. Gatherings with members of other households is not permitted and neither is unnecessary travel. 

Sunbathing is still prohibited in public in Wales for the foreseeable future.

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