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Ding! Ding! Round 1: Ex-England rugby star challenges Arron Banks to boxing match to settle Twitter spat

Ding! Ding! Round 1: Ex-England rugby star challenges Arron Banks to boxing match to settle Twitter spat
Former England International rugby union player Brian Moore has offered businessman Arron Banks a chance to settle a score in the boxing ring and to prove he’s “not all mouth,” after the pair traded a series of jibes on Twitter.

Moore –who won 64 caps for England between 1987 and 1995– challenged Banks on Sunday night to a “charity boxing match” to prove the ‘Leave.EU’ co-founder was not just another “keyboard warrior.” Banks –who said he’d “think about it”– had taunted the 58 year-old former sports star by claiming that he (Banks) eats “nasty little socialist babies like you for breakfast.”

The two men became embroiled in a feud provoked by a tweet from Moore, who posted New Labour’s list of “achievements” while in power under former PMs Tony Blair and Gordon Brown between 1997 and 2010. Banks responded by branding the list a “roll of shame.”

Moore hit back at the entrepreneur –who was also a key figure during the 2016 EU referendum campaign– by accusing Banks of tax-dodging. Banks fired back: “If you had a few brain cells left , you would pay as much tax as I do!”

The pair were still giving each other beef on Monday morning, with Moore taking a jab at one of Banks’ previous tweets when he goaded Alastair Campbell –Blair’s political aide during the New Labour years– to a “charity boxing match.”

Moore insisted that he was challenging Banks to a fight so that he could prove he “wasn’t all mouth,” before accusing him of being “a coward.”

If Moore vs Banks in the ring does become reality, they would follow a long line of celebrity boxing matches in aid of charity. Most notably in 2002 British comedy producer and actor Ricky Gervais took on British entrepreneur Grant Bovey live on BBC, with ‘The Office’ and ‘Extras’ funnyman winning the three-round contest on a split decision.

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