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1 Feb, 2020 16:41

‘What should I do? Hide in the cellar?’ Nigel Farage tells RT’s Going Underground he’ll be a Brexit ‘watchdog’

‘What should I do? Hide in the cellar?’ Nigel Farage tells RT’s Going Underground he’ll be a Brexit ‘watchdog’

With Britain’s departure from the EU representing the culmination of his political career thus far, Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage told RT’s Going Underground that he’ll be keeping an eye on proceedings for the next year.

“Everyone said to me it was impossible, I’m wasting my time, should go back to business, but it just shows you that actually… there was a massive disconnect between how Westminster saw the European issue and how the country saw the European issue,” he told Going Underground’s Farhaan Ahmed on Saturday. “And what I did was to go in there and expose it.”

The United Kingdom formally exited the European Union at 11pm on Friday night, an occasion Farage celebrated by throwing a party for jubilant Brexiteers at London’s Parliament Square. However, the UK now enters into an 11-month ‘transition period,’ during which EU law still applies, and Boris Johnson’s government will negotiate its future trading relationship with Brussels.

“I’m going to keep a very close watching brief on all of this,” Farage continued. “I’ll praise the prime minister from the rooftops if it’s going well, and I’ll sound the bell of alarm if it’s not.”

What should I do, hide in the cellar? This is a big moment in our history. What’s really happened here? The people have overcome the Westminster establishment… the real winner here is democracy.

Farage’s enthusiasm was not felt by all. As the Brexit Party leader celebrated with cheering crowds on Friday night, the mood in Scotland – where voters overwhelmingly rejected Brexit – could not have been more different. Scores of people held a candlelit vigil outside the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh, waving EU flags and laying a symbolic ‘funeral wreath’ outside the building. 

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