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22 Jan, 2020 16:50

What the halloumi? Library tweets photo of rotting slice of cheese used as ‘bookmark’

What the halloumi? Library tweets photo of rotting slice of cheese used as ‘bookmark’

Staff at the University of Liverpool Library were stunned to discover a rotting slice of processed cheese being used as a bookmark, sparking much amusement and revulsion on Twitter.

A disgusted staff member tweeted a photo of the cheese with a simple piece of advice to students: “This is not a bookmark.” 

The tweet quickly racked up an un-brie-lievable amount of likes as users shared their own stories of similarly odd library bookmark finds — including slices of buttered bread, sandwich wrappers, raw bacon and even a wad of cash (although that one was probably a mistake).

The cheese slice in queso-tion was “disconcertingly warm and liquid” and was discovered "somewhere between American history and geography,” associate director Alex Widdeson told the BBC. Widdeson added that while students are allowed to eat cold food in the library, it is preferable that they refrain from using “snacks as bookmarks.”

The staff member who made the dairy alarming discovery was apparently so surprised that they forgot to note which book the slice had been decaying in, but Twitter had some grate ideas.

“Perhaps they were reading Jane Gruyere,” one suggested. It might have been inside John Steinbeck's "East of Edam," another tweeter quipped.

There’s no word on who the culprit might have been, but it’s safe to say they weren’t acting very mature-ly and the library is probably cheddar off without them.

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