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11 Jan, 2020 21:24

Back on the Hollywood wagon? Meghan Markle reported to be planning voiceover work for Disney

Back on the Hollywood wagon? Meghan Markle reported to be planning voiceover work for Disney

A new report suggests the Duchess of Sussex is returning to her acting roots, and many see it as just another sign of her celebrity branding effort, following her and Prince Harry stepping down from royal duties.

It appears Meghan Markle has traded in the royal family for Hollywood, as a new report reveals she has signed a deal to do voiceover work for Disney.

The move follows Markle and her husband Prince Harry announcing they are taking a step back from the royal family and becoming financially independent. 

Markle, who was an actress long before she was Duchess of Sussex, will perform voiceover work for Disney in exchange for a donation to Elephants Without Borders, an organization that works to protect animals from poaching. 

While a noble goal, the donation could also be viewed as a PR spin, considering Markle has been dealing with bad press following her and Prince Harry’s decision to move on from the royal family.

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If good PR was the goal, it does not seem to have worked, as many are taking news of Markle’s Disney deal as another sign of her trying to build her celebrity status at the expense of her husband.

“This woman has always been absolutely desperate to be a celebrity,” commenter Katie Hopkins said of Markle, in a video that has been viewed more than half-a-million times.

The report from The Times suggests members of the royal family were aware of the Disney deal before Christmas and were not happy about it.

Markle and her husband have also filed to trademark the phrase ‘Sussex Royal,’ which suggests that, though they are not going to be performing royal duties, they will still benefit from their titles.

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