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30 Nov, 2019 16:53

Proud Brits flood Twitter with NARWHAL MEMES in tribute to London Bridge heroes

Proud Brits flood Twitter with NARWHAL MEMES in tribute to London Bridge heroes

As news filtered out that a man armed with the lengthy tusk of a narwhal was among the brave civilians who tackled the London Bridge attacker, proud Brits flooded social media with narwhal memes in tribute to the heroes.

As footage from Friday’s deadly knife attack went viral, people could scarcely believe their eyes at the sight of murderous jihadist Usman Khan being confronted by citizens armed with their bare hands, fire extinguishers and, what-appeared-to-be a long stick but was, in fact, a narwhal tusk.

It subsequently emerged that the man wielding the tusk was a Polish chef named Luckasz who was working in Fishmongers’ Hall when Khan began the stabbing spree that claimed two lives. The quick-thinking chef grabbed the whale tooth from a wall, where it was on display, and pursued the crazed extremist.

On the bridge, he was joined by a team of other citizens and they succeeded in subduing Khan until the police intervened and shot the terrorist dead. In another strange twist, one of the men who helped stop Khan’s killing spree was a convicted murderer who was on day release from prison.

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Luckasz was stabbed in the hand during the incident but his injuries aren’t understood to be life-threatening. “Being stabbed didn’t stop him giving him a beating. Luckasz is a hero,” a friend of the man told the Times.

The utterly bizarre occurrence sparked an outpouring of appreciation in the UK with countless people including Queen Elizabeth II herself paying tribute to the London Bridge heroes.

‘Narwhal’ and ‘Polish’ both trended on Twitter as the social media site was inundated with people wishing to pay homage to the brave chef’s actions.

Many cracked jokes about the difference between terrorist attacks in the US and the UK, impending bans on narwhal tusks, and fire extinguishers. “America: the only way to stop a bad guy is a good guy with a gun. UK: excuse me have you seen my narwhal tusk,” one viral message read.

Polish academic Maciej Kuziemski joked that it’s not unheard of for a Polish man to carry a narwhal tusk strapped to a belt on special occasions. “Sadly a vanishing tradition,” he quipped.

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