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30 Nov, 2019 14:38

BBC backs down in interview standoff with BoJo in wake of London Bridge terrorist attack

BBC backs down in interview standoff with BoJo in wake of London Bridge terrorist attack

The BBC has backed down in its standoff with Boris Johnson, confirming that the UK prime minister will appear on the Andrew Marr Show, following the London Bridge attack, despite not committing to a sitdown with Andrew Neil.

The British broadcaster had reportedly told Johnson that he would not be allowed to appear on Marr’s show on Sunday unless he agreed to face Neil too. 

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The PM was said to be eager to avoid being probed by Neil after SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon and Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn faced tough grillings this week. Brexit Party chief Nigel Farage and the Liberal Democrat’s Nicola Swinson are also signed up to face the tough interrogator.

However, the BBC buckled from that stance following Friday’s terrorist attack in London, in which two members of the public were killed by a knife-wielding jihadist.

“In the wake of a major terrorist incident, we believe it is now in the public interest that the prime minister should be interviewed on our flagship Sunday political programme,” the broadcaster said on Saturday. 

“All parties’ election policy proposals must – and will – face detailed scrutiny from us and we continue to urge Boris Johnson to take part in the primetime Andrew Neil interview as other leaders have done.” 

Johnson has repeatedly dodged the question when asked whether he would face the veteran broadcaster. 

It comes amid a torrent of criticism for the BBC, with the UK’s national broadcaster blasted for its failure to lock down an interview with the Conservative leader, as well as being slammed for editing out an audience’s laughter when Johnson was asked about the importance of “always telling the truth.”

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