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31 Oct, 2019 14:04

FANG-tastic idea or terribly toxic? Snake handler INJECTS himself with venom (VIDEOS)

Snake lover Steve Ludwin is so entranced by reptiles that he’s been injecting himself with their venom for 30 years. Doctors are baffled that he hasn’t succumbed to the potent toxins, while researchers hope he can help save lives.

Ludwin’s risky practice is helping scientists to develop an antivenom based on his antibodies. He introduced RT UK’s ICYMI to his unusual collection of reptiles, including "the rarest lizard on Earth" and a snake with an incredibly toxic bite. 

The green tree viper is native to parts of Asia and its venom is seriously dangerous to humans. However, that hasn’t deterred Ludwin from harvesting his snake’s venom and jabbing himself in the arm with it.

The 53-year-old said he became aware of the concept of injecting snake venom to become immune to it when he was a child, and admitted that a lot of doctors have warned him that he could end up dead from his strange pursuit because of the risk of anaphylactic shock.

“They said ‘Your liver and kidneys won’t be able to take it,’ but every six months to a year I’ve been tested and I’ve passed with flying colors,” he added.

Ludwin, 53, is convinced the venom has helped bolster his overall health and immune system over the years. He said he had his ‘biological age’ tested about 10 years ago, and scored as a 28-year-old. 

“They were really baffled by it, and I was like, ‘It’s the snake venom.’”

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