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26 Oct, 2019 08:14

Brexit stasis: EU foot-dragging & parliamentary stonewalling have led to ‘very un-British coup’ in UK, George Galloway says

Brexit stasis: EU foot-dragging & parliamentary stonewalling have led to ‘very un-British coup’ in UK, George Galloway says

The standstill in the British Parliament over Brexit, together with Brussels’ indecisiveness, has left the UK government in a state of near-paralysis, former MP George Galloway told RT.

With the Brexit deadline of October 31 approaching, the situation in the UK becomes more and more uncertain.

The government of PM Boris Johnson was unable to either push the Brexit deal through the Parliament, or dissolve it altogether, calling snap elections. A new attempt to initiate the polls – the third one already – is expected to be held next Monday.

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The EU’s stance on extending the Brexit process does not make the situation any easier. While the Union expressed readiness to provide it, the length of extension is still up for debate. The decision is expected on Monday or Tuesday – 48 hours before Britain is supposed to leave.

“Britain now stands at terrifyingly dangerous crossroads,” Galloway argued, saying the deadlock means that Britain “effectively has no government.”

We have the very definition of stasis – the government can neither move forward, nor back and the public cannot have their say on the extraordinary circumstances we now found ourselves in. This is a very un-British coup.

Denied Brexit as well as new elections, the British people have no way of making their voices heard, Galloway noted.

We can’t implement the core program of the government, which is, of course, the Brexit deal, and we can’t have a general election. There are some countries, where that would already have provoked some kind of coup… We have neither one thing, nor the other, neither fish, nor fowl.

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