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Brexit overload? Twitter down in major UK cities as MPs debate BoJo’s EU withdrawal plan

Brexit overload? Twitter down in major UK cities as MPs debate BoJo’s EU withdrawal plan
Twitter is suffering what some are convinced is a Brexit-related blackout centered around Manchester and London as MPs continue to debate Boris Johnson’s new EU withdrawal deal in the House of Commons.

The DownDetector website shows the mass outages across the UK are focused around London and Manchester, but other cities are also affected, including Birmingham, Glasgow, and Edinburgh.

“I think the idiocy going on in the House of Commons has killed Twitter!” one user wrote on DownDetector.

“Brexit just killed twitter,” another agreed. 

On Twitter itself, one user wrote it was a “hell of a day” for the site to go down in the midst of Brexit chaos, while another seemed to be glad of the reprieve, writing: “When Twitter went down just now I felt cosmically separated from Brexit.” 

“Twitter thinks is a crap #brexitdeal as well! [sic]” another mused.

In a sign that the mass outages may in fact not be Brexit-related after all, zooming out on DownDetector reveals that Twitter appears to be suffering heavy outages across parts of the US east coast, Japan, Spain, and Chile.


“Hmmm...Looking at the outage map, the entire UK is down, along with the Eastern Seaboard in the USA… can’t help but be suspicious,” another user wrote on the website, apparently concerned that a conspiracy may be afoot.

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