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7 Oct, 2019 11:21

I asked ‘Alex the Great’ if I could show him a few things on the pole – Jennifer Arcuri’s BoJo revelations

I asked ‘Alex the Great’ if I could show him a few things on the pole – Jennifer Arcuri’s BoJo revelations

US businesswoman Jennifer Arcuri has revealed that she asked PM Boris Johnson – whose number she saved in her phone as “Alex the Great” – whether he would like to be shown “a few things” on a pole in her flat.

During the tech entrepreneur’s first TV interview on ITV’s Good Morning Britain with Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid on Monday, Arcuri refused to deny ever having a sexual relationship with Johnson, insisting that it was “not anyone’s business what private life we had.”

Arcuri is at the center of a storm with Johnson – whom she describes as “a really good friend” – over allegations of impropriety. It concerns the 34-year-old reportedly receiving £126,000 ($155,255) in public funds, as well as access to three foreign trade missions in 2014 and 2015, during the UK prime minister’s time as London mayor (2008-2016).

Detailing the encounters between the two of them at her office in Shoreditch, East London, which was also her flat, Arcuri revealed that Johnson had been there “five, 10, a handful of times.” The American has previously claimed that the Tory PM only came round to hers for “technology lessons.”

However, Arcuri told GMB that the pole in her living room did become the center of some jokes between the two, but declined to say whether Johnson had ever used it himself.

I made a joke once that if he wanted I could show him a few things [on the pole]

She also revealed that the name she had Johnson’s number saved under on her phone was “Alex the Great,” referring to the Macedonian conqueror, Alexander the Great. Arcuri said that they had bonded over their “mutual love of classic literature.”

Asked by Reid whether she “feels betrayed,” Arcuri replied “Of course,” but suggested that Johnson had a lot on “his plate right now,” adding that she doesn’t need him right now, but Britain does.

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PM Johnson has until Tuesday to respond to a summons from the London assembly to provide details of his relationship with Arcuri. He could be forced to hand over private text messages and emails he sent to the American entrepreneur. A failure to respond could see the prime minister summoned to appear before the Greater London Authority (GLA) oversight committee.

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