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17 Sep, 2019 17:37

Oh deer: Brexit losing PM Cameron ‘shoots stags and names them after Boris Johnson’

Oh deer: Brexit losing PM Cameron ‘shoots stags and names them after Boris Johnson’

Ex-Prime Minister David Cameron appears to be struggling to get over losing the 2016 Brexit referendum, with reports suggesting that he now spends his time shooting stags and naming them after his former political rivals.

Cameron’s tenure as PM was officially declared dead when he resigned on the morning after the shock referendum result. Three years later the ex-Tory leader apparently still has a bone to pick with some of his Conservative party colleagues who broke ranks and backed Brexit, notably Boris Johnson and Michael Gove. 

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Now that he has more time on his hands, newspaper reports on Tuesday revealed that Cameron has enjoyed a spot of hunting, naming his kills after former friend Gove and current Prime Minister Johnson.

Cameron is said to have taken part in an organised hunt on a remote Scottish island last month where he named a slain deer after his eventual successor in Downing Street.

“This was the sequel to a stalking expedition last summer during which a similarly stricken deer was given the name Gove,” columnist Alex Massie writes in The Times.

The Sun provides more detail on Cameron’s re-found hobby, reporting that he told attendees at the Davos summit in Switzerland last year that he finds hunting relaxing.  

“I have used the extra time to take up shooting again,” he reportedly said. “I find that when I shoot a few Borises and Michaels I feel a whole lot better.”

The former prime minister has frequently been in the headlines this week as he has been doing the rounds promoting his new political memoir.

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