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9 Sep, 2019 09:05

The end is nigh: Scottish cops blasted for panic-inducing ‘preparedness bag’ tweet

The end is nigh: Scottish cops blasted for panic-inducing ‘preparedness bag’ tweet

Police Scotland are under fire for a worrying tweet advising citizens to prepare a grab bag with emergency supplies for immediate use, sparking wild speculation, meme-making and understandable concern among the masses.

“September is preparedness month. Emergencies can happen at any time and it’s recommended to have a #GrabBag ready containing essential items including medication, copies of important documents, food/water, torch, radio and other personal items,” the police tweeted as part of their ‘30 days 30 ways’ campaign.

The anxiety-inducing advice proposed packing a bag with food, water, and medication, as well as a pen and notepad, phone charger, whistle, and first aid kit. However, a Sunday morning may not have been the best time to urge people to prepare for some undisclosed disaster headed their way, judging by the reactions online, most of which centered around a single theme: “Do they know something we don’t?”

“What emergencies do you envisage? Brexit? War? Civil disturbance? Flood? Pestilence? Nuclear accident? Martial Law?”wrote one user, while another offered a variety of betting odds on what the impending doom might be: “Asteroid 4/1 Tsunami 8/1 Nuclear war 14/1 Alien invasion 22/1 Zombie Apocalypse 33/1 No deal Brexit 1000/1.”

Others adopted a more tongue-in-cheek approach.

One commenter quipped: “Some advice please on #grabbag regarding ‘seasonal clothing’. I have packed some fancy dress for Hallowe’en and then a Santa suit for Christmas. Will that be enough do you think?”

Alien invasion, zombie apocalypse, and calamity in the form a Boris Johnson-led Brexit were all recurring themes as Scots piled on the police for such a needlessly panic-inducing tweet.

Some, however, called for calm (sincerely) and claimed not to see the big fuss while humble-bragging about their multitude of emergency preparedness plans.

The whole kerfuffle reportedly stems from an initiative initially introduced by the US Department of Homeland Security that has been widely picked up by various institutions and public bodies across the UK.

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The timing couldn’t be worse, however, as the tweet only added to online speculation that British Prime Minister Boris Johnson might declare a national emergency in order to force through a no-deal Brexit, effectively weaponizing the Civil Contingencies Act of 2004 against his political opponents.

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