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5 Sep, 2019 17:01

‘Lying Tory’ Rees-Mogg trolled with giant image beamed onto Edinburgh Castle by anti-Brexiteers

‘Lying Tory’ Rees-Mogg trolled with giant image beamed onto Edinburgh Castle by anti-Brexiteers

A picture of Tory House leader Jacob Rees-Mogg reclining on the frontbench of the House of Commons that was savagely mocked online has been projected onto Edinburgh Castle by anti-Brexit activists with the words “Lying Tory.”

The activist group dubbed Led by Donkeys, who have become notorious for creating billboards with seemingly hypocritical tweets of pro-Brexit British lawmakers, were quick to seize on the viral image. 

Their latest work, which was posted on Twitter, prompted an avalanche of favorable responses. Many remarked on how quickly they got the humorous picture out on an iconic building in Edinburgh. 

However, there were those who thought that they were “probably preaching to the converted in Scotland” – a nation that voted heavily to remain in the 2016 EU Referendum.

The anti-Brexit group also projected a short film clip onto the castle, cleverly utilizing the image of the incredibly laidback Rees-Mogg accompanied by the harsh words: “They are lying. They want a no-deal Brexit.”

The sight of Rees-Mogg sprawled out, half asleep during a debate in parliament on Tuesday was criticized by many who claimed it showed “contempt for democracy.” One such critic was Green Party MP Caroline Lucas, who pulled up the leader of the House for his behaviour.

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“The leader of the House has been spread across around three seats, lying out as if that was something very boring for him to listen to tonight,” Lucas said, to calls of “Sit up!” from other MPs.

It comes as Rees-Mogg announced in the House of Commons on Thursday that PM Boris Johnson’s government will be seeking an election for a second time with a vote on Monday, after failing in their bid to secure a snap poll last night.

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