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28 Aug, 2019 16:10

Just one quarter of Britons back Johnson’s suspension of parliament – poll

Just one quarter of Britons back Johnson’s suspension of parliament – poll

Only 27 percent of Britons are in support of Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s month-long suspension of the UK’s parliament, according to a new poll carried out by YouGov. The move comes just weeks before the Brexit deadline.

The snap poll of 5,734 Britons was conducted by the market research company on Wednesday, the same day Johnson announced the decision, and found that 47 percent of British people are against what critics have called an attempted coup.

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Results also showed that opinions on Johnson’s request were largely based on their preference for staying in the European Union. Half of Brexiteers backed the suspension, compared to just 9 percent of those who want to remain. 

Queen Elizabeth approved the PM’s request to suspend parliament on Wednesday. Earlier in the day, the request sparked widespread condemnation from opposition lawmakers and Tories alike, who accused Johnson of attempting to stage a ‘coup’ by circumventing parliamentary norms at a crucial point in the Brexit timeline.

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The Queen’s Speech will now mark the return of Parliament on October 14, just two weeks before the Brexit deadline. It means that politicians who oppose the UK leaving the EU on a no-deal basis face an even tighter window to avert it as parliamentary business will be suspended for weeks.

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