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22 Aug, 2019 11:59

How about stripping? UK govt left red-faced after suggesting hard-up Brits get naked to earn cash

How about stripping? UK govt left red-faced after suggesting hard-up Brits get naked to earn cash

UK government officials have suffered an embarrassing blunder after “mistakenly” listing “striptease artist” as a possible job role for British workers to consider instead of claiming benefits.

In a now-deleted post on the Department for Work and Pensions website, titled ‘work you could do’, one option they suggested for jobseekers with “no formal academic” skills was “dances in adult entertainment establishments.”  


In what was ostensibly intended as a ‘helpful’ pointer for those looking for work they additionally recommended using the search phrase “striptease artist” to find vacancies.

The webpage reassured candidates that they would need “no formal academic entry requirements,” because “training is received typically on-the-job.”

Typical pay and hours … 42 hours a week for around £350.00.

The raunchy role was placed alongside others such as bingo assistant and hotel assistant as part of careers defined as “elementary services occupations” for people on Universal Credit – the UK’s much maligned benefits system for low-income citizens.

A Department for Work and Pensions spokesperson said that the post was “inappropriate,” insisting that officials would now conduct an immediate review “to determine why it is mistakenly listed.”

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