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19 Aug, 2019 13:01

‘Britain’s Trump’: Corbyn slams BoJo and ‘reckless’ govt, warns of ‘disastrous’ no-deal Brexit

‘Britain’s Trump’: Corbyn slams BoJo and ‘reckless’ govt, warns of ‘disastrous’ no-deal Brexit

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has attacked PM Boris Johnson for being a “phoney outsider” and cosying up to US President Donald Trump, in a speech that warned of a grim no-deal Brexit scenario.

Speaking at a children’s centre in Corby, Northamptonshire on Monday, Corbyn reaffirmed his intention to table a vote of no-confidence in Johnson’s government when MPs reconvene in parliament after the summer holiday period.

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In what was ostensibly a pre-election pitch to voters, the socialist leader criticized Johnson’s apparent cosying up to Trump ahead of a possible hard Brexit, accusing the Tory PM of siding with right-wing wealthy elites.

Tories have lurched to the hard right under Boris Johnson, Britain’s Trump, the fake populist and phoney outsider… committed to protecting vested interests of the richest and the elites, while posing as anti-establishment.

Corbyn also laid down the gauntlet to MPs in parliament who claim to want to avoid the UK leaving the EU without a deal on October 31. A number of pro-remain Tories, as well as Liberal Democrats led by Jo Swinson, have so far failed to back Corbyn as a temporary PM in order to prevent a no-deal exit.

“If MPs are serious about stopping a no-deal crash out, then they will vote down this reckless government,” Corbyn told the audience, adding that, constitutionally, it falls on the biggest opposition party to form a minority administration in those circumstances.

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Earlier, Labour’s Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell revealed on BBC 4’s Today program that his party was proposing that MPs should come back to parliament in “the next few days.” It follows the leak of a UK government report, codenamed Operation Yellowhammer, that warns of dire consequences as a result of a no-deal Brexit.

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