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24 Jul, 2019 15:06

‘She’ll be scarcely remembered as a footnote in history’: Galloway on May’s legacy

‘She’ll be scarcely remembered as a footnote in history’: Galloway on May’s legacy

Theresa May will “scarcely be remembered even as a footnote in history,” and has been “bad for Britain” with her mishandling of Brexit and her insistence on picking fights with people around the globe, George Galloway has told RT.

On Wednesday, Theresa May handed the keys of Downing Street to the former London mayor and UK foreign secretary, Boris Johnson. Scottish firebrand George Galloway claims that the overriding feelings of the majority of the British public towards May’s time in office will “only be negative.”

She will scarcely be remembered even as a footnote in history. The Conservative Party made a very serious error choosing her.

Galloway, himself a former Labour MP, insists that the Brexit debacle may grab the headlines when it comes to assessing May’s legacy, but it was her lack of willingness to reach out to a number of nations around the world, such as Iran and Russia, that should also be highlighted.

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“She's been bad for Britain...picking fights with people all over the world, from Iran to Russia. [Britain has] set about making enemies when we need to be making friends,” Galloway told RT.

Asked how May might spend her time now Boris Johnson has taken over the reins, Galloway joked: “Counting her husband's money.” Philip May is a billionaire relationship manager at financial firm Capital Group, which, notably, owns shares in arms manufacturer Lockheed Martin.

May addressed the public in her final speech outside 10 Downing Street on Wednesday, congratulating the new British PM Boris Johnson, who will later assign ministerial cabinet positions to form his government. She painted a picture in her farewell speech of Britain’s “bright future” and of a “national renewal” to come, saying that she’s hoping the UK would become “a country that truly works for everyone.”

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