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‘No to Boris, yes to Europe:’ Thousands march though London in protest against Brexit & BoJo

‘No to Boris, yes to Europe:’ Thousands march though London in protest against Brexit & BoJo
Thousands of people rallied in central London displaying their discontent with Brexit and Conservative Party leadership hopeful Boris Johnson.

Protesters marched from Park Lane to Parliament Square, waving EU flags and chanting slogans such as “Let’s stay with the EU” and calling on the government to “stop the Brexit mess.”

The marchers held banners and placards reading: “Stop Brexit” and “Remain, Reform, Revolt,” as well as “We are together for Europe.” The demonstration was organized by the pro-Europe March for Change group.

Apart from the opposition to the UK leaving the EU, the demonstrators also showed their disapproval of Boris Johnson, who is considered the Tory leadership frontrunner. The rally organizers even flew a giant BoJo blimp bearing a striking resemblance to the one representing Donald Trump that has appeared every time the US president visits the UK.

The massive inflatable depicted Johnson as a toddler wearing running gear and a Brexit-bus T-shirt. “We won't put up with a hard Brexit PM being imposed on the country and hurtling us towards the cliff edge,” the organizers said, referring to the Tory leadership hopeful.

The slogan of the march was “No to Boris, yes to Europe.” It also featured an almost three-meter high effigy of Nigel Farage, the Brexit party leader, holding the puppets of Johnson and his competitor in the Tory leadership race, Foreign Minister Jeremy Hunt. Protesters also held placards which read: “Johnson & Hunt are Farage’s puppets” and "Do not let Farage pull the strings.”


The march was attended by several members of the British Liberal Democratic Party, including MPs and members of the European Parliament.

Either Johnson or Hunt is expected to take over as prime minister office on Tuesday. Both of them have so far said they are ready for a no-deal Brexit, although Johnson has arguably taken a harsher stance on the issue.

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