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25 Jun, 2019 11:51

‘State secret?’ Defiant BoJo fails 26 times to answer ... was photo with girlfriend ‘STAGED’?

‘State secret?’ Defiant BoJo fails 26 times to answer ... was photo with girlfriend ‘STAGED’?

Tory leadership favorite Boris Johnson has declined to refute allegations that a photo of him and his partner in the English countryside was “staged” or “old” in a radio interview on Tuesday.

The interview, conducted by LBC’s Nick Ferrari, saw a sheepish Johnson refuse to answer questions on the subject 26 times. At no point does Johnson, who is hotly tipped to become Theresa May’s successor as UK prime minister, pour cold water over the photo’s authenticity.

Asked whether the date of photograph was a “state secret,” Johnson insisted it was no such thing. Pushed further by Ferrari as to why he wouldn’t reveal details of the timing, the former London mayor asked: “Why should I?”

Ferrari replied: “Because it’s not recent… is it? Your hair in this photograph is not your hair currently.”

Johnson responded: “May I say this interview is descending into farce.”

A photo surfaced at the weekend in the aftermath of allegations that Johnson and his girlfriend Carrie Symonds were involved in a major domestic altercation that saw police called out to their home. The image of Johnson and Symonds looking happy and holding hands led to accusations it had been “staged” to mitigate any negative press.

Many on social media have accused Johnson of pulling a PR stunt, suggesting it had been taken before police were called out to his home in London in the early hours of Friday. Others online have made fun of the “romantic” photo.

It comes after Johnson’s rival for the top job, Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt, wrote an article in the Times calling on the former London mayor not to be “a coward” and show up to a Sky News debate on Tuesday. Organizers were forced to cancel the event after Johnson refused to take part.

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