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Boris Johnson is an ‘offensive’ elitist, but that won’t stop him from becoming PM – Galloway

Boris Johnson is an ‘offensive’ elitist, but that won’t stop him from becoming PM – Galloway
Boris Johnson possesses all of the prejudice and elitism of Britain’s ruling class, but that certainly doesn’t disqualify him from becoming the next prime minister, George Galloway told RT America.

The Tory MP and former foreign secretary is “the elite personified,” said Galloway, who spent nearly 30 years in Parliament locking horns with Johnson’s fellow Conservatives.

Known for his posh persona and penchant for gaffes, Johnson is considered the clear favorite among the dozen Tories vying to replace Theresa May as party leader and prime minister.

“[Johnson is] carefully disheveled, utterly prejudiced, and very, very offensive. But that doesn’t mean he’s not going to win. Alas, that’s Britain,” Galloway noted.

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Despite his shortcomings, Johnson is “the only Conservative” who can deliver on Brexit, Galloway believes, arguing that “none of the other Conservatives measure up.” Johnson has been one of the few Conservatives to insist that the UK leave the European Union, with or without a deal, by the current October 31 deadline.

Theresa May announced her resignation as prime minister last month, bowing to pressure from her own party amid growing anger over her inability to push through a favorable Brexit deal with the EU. She stepped down as Conservative leader last week, setting the stage for a weeks-long process to select a new Tory leader and prime minister.

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