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Woman who screamed ‘Nazi scum!’ at London Trump supporter quits job after petition to sack her

Woman who screamed ‘Nazi scum!’ at London Trump supporter quits job after petition to sack her
A “feminist” protester who screamed “Nazi scum” in the face of an elderly Donald Trump supporter being pelted with a milkshake in London has left her job at the NHS, after hundreds signed a petition to have her sacked.

In video footage shot in London on Tuesday, Siobhan Prigent screams “Nazi scum!” into the face of an elderly Trump supporter, before the man is hit with a milkshake by another protester and almost set upon by the crowd.

Prigent, blond and clad in a t-shirt reading “F*ck Off Trump,” also includes the eloquent variation “Naaaaazi” in her tirade.

From one angle, Prigent appeared to assist in pushing the man to the ground.

Shortly after she was identified as the woman in the video, Prigent – who describes herself online as a “body positive” “intersectional feminist” and “crazy cat lady” apologized on social media before deleting all her accounts. However, hours before her apology, Prigent had posted expletive-laden messages about Trump supporters.

After it emerged that Prigent worked for the National Health Service as a contractor, a petition was launched asking the NHS to sack her. At the time of writing, the petition had gathered more than 3,000 signatures.

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The petition was unnecessary. A spokesperson for University College London Hospital said on Thursday that Prigent had quit her contract with the hospital, “because she does not want the NHS to suffer any more negative attention.” She had been working with UCLH for only a week.

Though Prigent appears to have gone dark online, she was again confrontational when questioned by a reporter on Tuesday.

“I don’t need to hear from other white men, thank you very much,” she said.

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