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‘Kangaroo Court’: Farage rejects EU Parliament’s request to explain alleged £500m gifts

‘Kangaroo Court’: Farage rejects EU Parliament’s request to explain alleged £500m gifts
Nigel Farage has branded the EU Parliament’s code of conduct advisory committee as a “kangaroo court,” after declining their request to appear before them to explain why he allegedly failed to declare nearly £500mn in gifts..

The MEP and Brexit Party leader now faces the prospect of an EU Parliament ban, having failed to meet their 24-hr deadline on Wednesday to clarify donations allegedly received from British entrepreneur Arron Banks.

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Farage claims that he has not received “any private money for political purposes” and that the EU’s committee should focus on “investigating the waste of public money” by high profile MEPs.

What is this but an EU kangaroo court where I am given 24-hours' notice about allegations picked up from press stories?...if they try to bar me from the building, who else gives voice to the thousands of people who voted for me? Is this democracy EU style?

Banks has said that he “willingly helped Farage and was honored to do so," in the year after the EU referendum, adding: "This was all designed to help Nigel get out of politics."

Farage, who met with US President Trump on Tuesday, could be fined or banned for up to 30 days from EU parliamentary activity; his right to vote cannot be removed, however.

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A harsher ban could see the MEP prevented from entering the Strasbourg and Brussels parliaments as head of a new, 29-strong Brexit Party's MEP contingent, when the new parliament commences on July 2.

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