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‘War criminal’ Alastair Campbell should be in The Hague not getting TV airtime, says George Galloway

‘War criminal’ Alastair Campbell should be in The Hague not getting TV airtime, says George Galloway
George Galloway has hit out at the recent outpouring of sympathy for former Labour Party spin doctor and “war criminal” Alastair Campbell who was expelled from the party after admitting he voted against them in the EU elections.

The former British MP tweeted on Tuesday that Campbell, who was the press secretary for former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair, “should be in The Hague” for war crimes and “not on every television station in the land.”

Galloway said it was a “mark of shame” that the political operative hadn’t been thrown out of the Labour Party before this week and lashed out at the media for eagerly sympathizing with his plight.

“The waves of media sympathy for [Campbell] tell you all you need to know about them,” he wrote.

In a separate tweet on Wednesday, Galloway called Campbell a “war criminal” and referenced a new documentary which examines what some believe was the suspicious suicide of Dr. David Kelly — a top weapons inspector who had revealed to the media that the British government’s assessment on Iraq WMDs had been purposely exaggerated and “sexed up” to suit the pro-war agenda.

Campbell was the man responsible for overseeing the Iraq dossier and was accused of being the person who had added the exaggerated claims, including the fabricated claim that Iraq could launch a chemical weapons strike against the UK within “45 minutes.”

Since his expulsion from the Labour Party, Campbell has been making the rounds on British television channels and vowing to fight the decision.

While many have sympathized over his predicament, others have wondered why voting against one’s own party in a controversial election seems to be a greater crime than being involved in faking evidence to join a war that killed hundreds of thousands of people.

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