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21 May, 2019 21:02

Piers Morgan calls Game of Thrones ‘over-hyped garbage,’ Irvine Welsh calls him a ‘dozy wanker’

Piers Morgan calls Game of Thrones ‘over-hyped garbage,’ Irvine Welsh calls him a ‘dozy wanker’

Whether motivated by sympathy for fellow author George R.R. Martin or just annoyance with Piers Morgan, Irvine Welsh picked a fight with the talk show host on Twitter, leading to a UK slang slug fest.

As most people are likely aware by now, Piers Morgan doesn’t care for HBO’s hit fantasy television series Game of Thrones…people are more or less already in the loop because the firebrand host has brought it up on several occasions in his signature bellicose tone.

Nonetheless, the show’s recent series finale likely seemed as good a reason as any for a fresh reminder.

While some may still be amused by Morgan’s contrarian provocations, best-selling author Irvine Welsh was not. He took the occasion to make his opinions on Morgan known.

Never one to miss an opportunity for a good spat on the internet, Morgan hit back calling him an “offensive little berk”.

Morgan should have known better than to challenge the author of Trainspotting to a battle of obscure slang insults, as Welsh hit back with a doozy of his own.

Although Pierce had his share of supporters, the resulting comments on Twitter heavily echoed Welsh’s indignation at Morgan.

While many were a bit confused about what the two were going on about in the first place because of their odd insult choices, others chipped in with their own dialect-inflected insults.

Game of Thrones much criticized final episode aired early on Monday morning in the UK, leaving many fans wishing that they had never seen this episode.

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