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Might he go to jail too? Piers Morgan tears into Gavin Williamson’s sacking over Huawei leak

Might he go to jail too? Piers Morgan tears into Gavin Williamson’s sacking over Huawei leak
TV host Piers Morgan has wondered what fate awaits ex-Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson, who was sacked over leaks from a meeting about Huawei. Will he go to jail for exposing national secrets? Or should he be praised instead?

Williamson was fired on Wednesday by PM Theresa May, who claimed he was the culprit behind the leak, which rocked the UK a week ago. The Daily Telegraph published data from the National Security Council meeting during which the ministers agreed to grant the Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei limited access to the development of the British 5G network.

Also on rt.com UK's May sacks defence minister Williamson over Huawei leak

Morgan found both the revelation –and May’s resolve to actually do something about it– quite astounding, and wondered what awaits Williamson next; jail time, or was a sacking for divulging top secrets enough?

Morgan’s subscribers, however, were not quite eager to throw the disgraced minister behind bars, with many of them insisting that he was actually worth praising … as a whistleblower of sorts, who exposed May’s arguably questionable actions.

Ironically, the whole Williamson affair unfolded the same day another whistleblower, Julian Assange, was jailed for 50 weeks for skipping bail back in 2012, in proceedings that eventually were closed. And now Assange faces possible extradition to the US, where he might ultimately face the death penalty.
Williamson himself, however, appears not quite eager to try on the laurels of a high-profile whistleblower. The ex-minister vehemently denied any involvement in the leak, issuing an entire letter on the matter.

Morgan, however, seemed to be quite skeptical about Williamson’s denial, warning that a politician should not be trusted, even with such things.

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