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London police fire shots & seal off Ukrainian Embassy after ‘ramming attack’ on envoy’s car

London police fire shots & seal off Ukrainian Embassy after ‘ramming attack’ on envoy’s car
Police “discharged firearms” and sealed off a street in the western Holland Park area of London after a reported confrontation with a vehicle near the Ukrainian Embassy. Witnesses heard at least 10 gunshots fired.

Ruptly’s footage from the scene shows a sedan with its doors open in the middle of the street and forensic officers examining the area. The location has been cordoned off and a heavy police presence can be seen.

The Ukrainian Embassy described the incident as a “deliberate” ramming of the ambassador’s parked car.

“The police were called immediately, and the suspect’s vehicle was blocked up. Nevertheless, despite the police actions, the attacker hit the ambassador’s car again. In response, the police were forced to open fire on the perpetrator’s vehicle. The culprit was apprehended and taken to a police station,” the embassy said in a statement.

Ukrainian diplomats were not hurt during the incident, it added. So far, the suspect’s motive remains unclear.

The incident is not being treated as terrorism-related, the Metropolitan Police said. The statement said the suspect, a man in his 40s, collided with a number of vehicles outside the embassy. Armed and unarmed officers were dispatched to the scene and had to use firearms and Tasers to stop the man after his “vehicle was driven at police officers.” The suspect was not injured during the shooting and is now in custody.

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