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May says 3rd vote on Brexit deal not ready to go ahead, laments ‘collective failure’ (VIDEO)

May says 3rd vote on Brexit deal not ready to go ahead, laments ‘collective failure’ (VIDEO)
PM Theresa May, delivering her Brexit statement in parliament, has conceded her deal cannot win enough support, as Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn calls the UK government a "national embarrassment."

Addressing MPs, May told the House that she concedes there is no chance of her deal getting through on a third "meaningful vote," and as a result she would be dumping any attempt to push it through the House of Commons.

As things stand there is still not sufficient support in the house to bring back the deal for a third meaningful vote.

Responding for the Labour Party, leader Jeremy Corbyn insisted May's deal was "dead." He argued that the government's approach to Brexit had descended into a "national embarrassment" and says the UK still faces the prospect of a "disastrous 'no-deal' Brexit."

Earlier Corbyn met with the prime minister for face-to-face Brexit talks. A Labour spokesperson released a statement shortly after their discussions claiming that May had suggested separating the Withdrawal Agreement from the political declaration, which Corbyn refused to accept.

SNP Westminster Leader, Ian Blackford branded the PM's statement "trumpesque," adding that they might as well go home if their votes don't count.

With pressure being cranked up on May to the point of serious questions being asked about whether she can see the week out as PM, Parliament must come up with a Brexit deal that can garner the support of a majority of MPs. If not, the UK could potentially crash out of the EU on April 12 without a deal.

Earlier, May’s task of pushing through her own, twice defeated deal in a third attempt became nothing more than impossible, after various media report that the DUP are still not backing her agreement.

The European Commission has released a statement suggesting that it looked increasingly likely that the UK will leave the EU without a deal on April 12, adding that they had completed its ‘no-deal’ preparations.

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