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‘Grow up, for goodness sake!’ WATCH Speaker Bercow rebuke Tory MP & clash with House leader Leadsom

‘Grow up, for goodness sake!’ WATCH Speaker Bercow rebuke Tory MP & clash with House leader Leadsom
Calling the ongoing squabbling in the House of Commons “party political hackery,” Speaker John Bercow told an interrupting Tory backbencher to “grow up” and had a sharp exchange with Leader of the House Andrea Leadsom.

Do grow up, for goodness sake. This is not a matter of party political hackery. Let’s have some seriousness of purpose and mutual respect... let’s raise the level.

After Bercow had disciplined the parliamentarian, urging the British lawmaker to conduct themselves with “some seriousness of purpose and mutual respect,” Leadsom delivered a rather curt response to the speaker.

Mr Speaker, may I just say your response does not raise the level [of respect], but I’ll leave it there.

A visibly riled Bercow, who is no stranger to fiery run-ins with Leadsom, snapped back: “Resume your seat, leader of the House.”

The clash erupted after Leadsom was asked whether she agreed with PM Theresa May’s comments made in her public address on Wednesday night. The prime minister ostensibly blamed UK MPs for the impending delay to Brexit, claiming she was on the side of ‘the people.’

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Earlier, Bercow had referenced May’s remarks, in which he rejected any notion that UK MPs should be seen as “traitors,” insisting they were all doing “their best.”

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