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4 Mar, 2019 13:19

‘To portray him as a victim goes against their narrative’: UK journo slams media over Corbyn attack

‘To portray him as a victim goes against their narrative’: UK journo slams media over Corbyn attack

A hostile British media is not interested in reporting Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn as the “victim,” even if he literally is, they only care about stories that portray him as the “bad guy,” journalist Neil Clark has told RT.

Clark, a UK journalist and RT contributor, insists he’s not surprised at how little the British media has covered the story of Corbyn being the victim of an assault at a mosque in north London, because it doesn’t fit into “their narrative” of the democratic socialist leader.

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Clark maintains that much of the mainstream media have vilified Corbyn ever since becoming Labour leader in 2015 and have labelled him “a traitor, an anti-Semite, a terrorist supporter/sympathiser." He argues they only want to cover news “that can see him in a bad light."

London Metropolitan Police have confirmed that John Murphy, 31, from Barnet, north London, was charged with ‘assault by beating,’ in the early hours of Monday morning. He is alleged to have hit the Labour leader at Finsbury Park mosque on Sunday, while holding an egg.

Clark blames the febrile political atmosphere on the issue of Brexit, as deadline day fast approaches. He argues that Brexit has become a culture war.

Brexiteers are calling remainers traitors, they’re not proper British, they’re letting the country down. Remainers are saying Brexiteers are racists, they’re fascists. It creates an overly-emotional atmosphere.

Corbyn was visiting the mosque in his home constituency of Islington North, along with shadow home secretary Diane Abbott, as part of ‘National Visit My Mosque Day.’

An eyewitness reported someone had shouted “when you vote you get what you vote for,” in a supposed reference to the Brexit referendum, as Corbyn was hit inside the building, according to the Independent.

The incident took place at the same mosque that was attacked by right-wing terrorist Darren Osborne in June 2017. He later admitted that he had hoped to kill Corbyn.

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