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29 Jan, 2019 16:10

‘Burn their ovaries out’: Man arrested after calling for Muslim schoolgirls to be sterilized (VIDEO)

‘Burn their ovaries out’: Man arrested after calling for Muslim schoolgirls to be sterilized (VIDEO)

A man in his 60s has been arrested on suspicion of racially aggravated abuse after video emerged online of a horrific, racist tirade calling for young Muslim schoolgirls to be sterilized, citing inspiration from the Nazis.

The unnamed man was taken into custody by Tower Hamlets police in London on Monday after footage of a vile verbal assault was published online. In the video, a man can be seen describing schoolgirls, dressed in headscarves, “c**ts” and calling for people to “burn their ovaries out” so they can’t “breed like f***ing rats.”

Warning: This video contains extremely offensive language throughout.

The footage was reportedly shot outside the Central Foundation Girls School, in Bow, east London, a state comprehensive for 11 to 18-year-olds, on Friday afternoon. The man can be seen nonchalantly filming schoolgirls after he steps off the bus.

During the roughly two-minute video, the unnamed man references the infamous SS doctor Josef Mengele, otherwise known as ‘the Angel of Death,’ who conducted horrific medical experiments on Holocaust victims, including forced sterilization of Jewish women using surgery, x-rays and chemicals.

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The man decries “All these f**king black c**ts here,” while lamenting the current state of his apparent birthplace by declaring, “We are f*cked! This was England.”

Tower Hamlets police immediately launched an investigation after the footage appeared online and many appalled citizens called for the man to be apprehended.

The borough’s Mayor John Biggs also condemned the racially-charged abuse.

On Monday, a silent protest was held outside the school to show solidarity with the students who had been the target of the racist and Islamophobic tirade.

Instances of reported hate crimes have risen by 17 percent in just one year with 52 percent directed at Muslims, according to a Home Office report on hate crimes in England and Wales for 2017/18.

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