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17 Jan, 2019 17:32

Caped crusader Corbyn? Subtitle slip suggests Labour leader is actually Batman

Caped crusader Corbyn? Subtitle slip suggests Labour leader is actually Batman

Bad news for superhero fans: Batman will never be prime minister of the UK, according to a strange subtitle seen on BBC screens during Michael Gove’s speech in the House of Commons. Social media users, however, remain hopeful.

“No way can this country ever allow Batman to be our Prime Minister,” the BBC subtitles erroneously quoted Environment Secretary Michael Gove telling parliament on Wednesday.

The bizarre statement was seemingly made during a debate on a motion of no confidence against the government. Gove was attacking Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn at the time, and said the UK cannot allow “that man” to become prime minister, which the subtitle writer misheard as ‘Batman,” an easy mistake.

The amusing mix-up was shared widely on social media where it was met with laughter and countless memes in support of the Dark Knight taking over from Prime Minister Theresa May. #BatmanForPM began to trend as the joke gathered momentum and a number of people voiced their support for the superhero over May or Corbyn.

Some went so far as to suggest Corbyn is in fact Batman, while one person suggested the subtitle was actually accurate, as Corbyn is more like Batman than the “jokers” in government.

Gove can rest easy, for now at least. May survived the no confidence motion by 19 votes, meaning Batman won’t be making the move from Gotham City to Downing Street just yet.

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