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‘#BREAKING! Woman wears dress’: Royal wedding saturation sparks widespread fatigue

‘#BREAKING! Woman wears dress’: Royal wedding saturation sparks widespread fatigue
The manic frenzy with which Western media saw fit to report every minute detail of the royal wedding has sparked an outpouring of exasperation on social media, with many asking why they aren’t reporting on actual news.

As the marriage of Harry Windsor to Meghan Markle unfolded, news outlets bombarded their audiences with countless updates, tweets and alerts on everything from the designer of Markle’s dress, to Elton John kissing David Beckham, to James Cordon arriving at the church.

The saturation coverage unleashed a flood of agitation from the great unwashed, who took to Twitter to vent their frustration at the fact that they were being force-fed a celebration of the petrified leftovers of a bloody empire with a disgraceful history.

WikiLeaks captured the frustrations of many when it tweeted: “There are approximately 5,000 media workers in London to cover UK establishment propaganda spectacle, the royal wedding. AP has joined the ranks of those being instrumentalized, describing a grandmother's choice of alternate names for her grandson & his wife as breaking news.”

Numerous others pointed out all the important news stories that are being ignored because of the royal love-in.

Away from the outrage over Britain’s bloody past and the media doing a poor job, the internet has also seen huge exasperation from people who are just plain fed up of all the coverage.

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