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27 Apr, 2018 09:19

Gleeful Boris ecstatic over impending Trump visit as POTUS set to visit Queen

Gleeful Boris ecstatic over impending Trump visit as POTUS set to visit Queen

More details of US President Donald Trump’s long-awaited trip to the UK have been revealed and some – namely Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson – couldn’t contain their excitement.

The foreign secretary took to Twitter with an erratically capitalized tweet to share his glee over POTUS’ impending visit. Many were quick to either slam or praise Johnson, as news of the American president’s travel plans continues to divide the public.

BoJo has confirmed that Trump will hit UK shores on July 13 – or Friday the 13th, if you’re superstitious. While the Donald is in town, he seems poised to meet the Queen at either Buckingham Palace or Windsor Castle, according to reports.

UK PM Theresa May has said she is “looking forward to welcoming President Trump to the United Kingdom for a working visit on July 13.” Both are expected to attend the Brussels NATO summit on July 11 and 12.

It will not be the full-blown state visit that May promised Trump last year – instead, Downing Street is calling the Don’s stint in the UK a “working visit.” Downing Street also said that Trump and May will hold talks over the nature of the trip, with further details to be “set out in due course.”

Trump was previously set to visit the United Kingdom in February, but cancelled the trip at the last minute, ostensibly due to his unhappiness with the location of the new US embassy, which moved from Mayfair to Nine Elms in South London. Trump labelled the move a “bad deal” made by the Obama administration, and refused to cut the ribbon for the embassy’s opening day. The relocation was ordered under the George W. Bush administration.

Despite Trump’s official line on why he suspended his original UK, it is understood that planned mass protests against the divisive president were a significant factor on the rescheduling. Tens of thousands are still expected to turn out against Trump’s visit, with Guardian columnist Owen Jones one of the organizers of the planned demonstration.

In January, anonymous sources told the Daily Mail that Trump was unhappy with his treatment by the UK press and the looming threat of mass protests. POTUS was reportedly heard telling May during a phone call that he “would not be coming to the UK until she could promise him a warm welcome.”

The UK PM reportedly told the Don that this was just how the British press works. Sources say May’s staffers were “in astonishment at Trump’s demand.”

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