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Johnson & Davis are ‘the Messi & Ronaldo’ of cabinet – Michael Gove mocked for football comparison

Johnson & Davis are ‘the Messi & Ronaldo’ of cabinet – Michael Gove mocked for football comparison
Environment Secretary Michael Gove has been ridiculed on Twitter after comparing fellow cabinet ministers David Davis and Boris Johnson with football stars Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo.

In an interview with the Huffington Post, the Brexiteer dismissed suggestions he was “annoyed” at not being given a chance to deliver his own Brexit speech, a privilege bestowed upon colleagues Davis and Johnson.

Foreign Secretary Johnson gave his formal speech last week, and on Tuesday Davis set out his blueprint for the UK’s withdrawal during a speech to business leaders in Vienna.

Odd one out Gove heaped praise on his fellow Brexiteers from the sidelines, comparing their talent to legendary footballers Messi and Ronaldo.

Asked if he was annoyed he had not been included on the ‘Road to Brexit’ roster, he said: “Not at all. Why would you want to be on the pitch when you’ve got two of the best strikers on your team already out there?

“They are the Messi and the Ronaldo of the cabinet, and as for me I’m just a journeyman so I’ll carry on doing my job.”

The former justice secretary was mocked on social media for comparing Britain’s political arena to a football pitch.

One Tweeter bet Gove had, in classic Tory fashion, no clue who Messi and Ronaldo even are.

Another hit back saying: 

Another backed the comparison, but justified it on quite a different basis...

While one user mocked the comparison is more accurate than one would think. 

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