#StormBrian causes nail-biting landing for Ryanair flight (VIDEO)

#StormBrian causes nail-biting landing for Ryanair flight (VIDEO)
A Ryanair flight landed in Manchester during Storm Brian in a nail-biting scene caught on video.

The Boeing 737-800 EL-DCL plane was filmed emerging from the depressingly grey clouds and descending towards Manchester Airport while fighting against powerful crosswinds.

The plane wobbled violently during its entire descent, and while the moment of the touchdown wasn’t caught on camera, it’s safe to say passengers were in for a bumpy landing.

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The UK Met Office issued a yellow warning in anticipation for Storm Brian, which ravaged Britain on Saturday with recorded gusts of up to 78mph (125km/h).

British Airways cancelled 20 flights to and from Heathrow Airport to slow the arrivals rate down at the busy airport.