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9 Oct, 2017 12:13

‘Shockingly badly integrated’ Pakistani women live in ‘entirely different society’ in Britain

‘Shockingly badly integrated’ Pakistani women live in ‘entirely different society’ in Britain

Pakistani women living in Britain are part of an ‘entirely different’ society and are ‘shockingly badly integrated’ according to a new survey.

The nation’s first disparity audit will reveal entire communities are segregated from their neighbors.

The Cabinet Office study, which will be published on Tuesday, was designed to better understand how people in the UK access healthcare, education, employment and the criminal justice system.

Pakistani women living in the UK, especially those who are not working, and do not speak English, have not integrated into society.

“Other communities have integrated very well, but the audit shows that Pakistani women who don’t speak English or go out to work are living in an entirely different society and are shockingly badly integrated,” a Cabinet Office staffer told the Sunday Times.

While many will be shocked by the report, others may not be surprised.

Teachers in Britain have previously reported some of their pupils have to translate information for their mothers, who cannot communicate with school staff.

In December 2016 a major review on community integration by Dame Louise Casey said Britain must set out rules for immigrants.

Casey criticized the government, saying there had been a “saris, samosas and steel drums” policy, rather than real leadership.

She suggested mandatory English lessons and even an oath of allegiance to Britain.

An independent report will be published this week, which will show cuts to benefits and public services are likely to hit Asian families.

Prime Minister Theresa May called for a major audit into societal injustice in the UK.

The Women’s Budget Group and the Runnymede Trust found Asian households will be £11,678 (US$15,390) worse off overall by 2020. At the same time, white families will be £6,199 worse off over 10 years.

“It is only by doing so we can make this country work for everyone, not just a privileged few,” the PM said as she announced the audit.

An “unprecedented” audit on employment showed huge social disparities between white Britons, and black and ethnic minority groups.

A new website, Ethnicity Facts and Figures, will show white Britons are more likely to own their home and have a job than minorities.

They are however, less likely to attend university if they went to a state school.

Currently, the unemployment rate for black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) people is 8 percent, yet it is 4.6 percent for white British adults.