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Police threaten to arrest minors and evict their parents in crime crackdown

Police threaten to arrest minors and evict their parents in crime crackdown
Anti-social behavior blighting areas of Manchester has prompted police to take tougher action on whole families – even threatening to evict the parents of nuisance children.

Officers warned they will arrest minors caught misbehaving and will punish their parents, too.

The new initiative will see police manning ‘anti-social behavior buses’ and patrolling trouble hotspots.

The move, which turns back the clock decades on police handling of children committing crimes, has impressed residents in the areas.

Parents were quick to ask officers if they could introduce more buses which bring back ‘bobby on the beat’-style policing to Britain’s streets.

“The new anti-social behavior bus is now and for the foreseeable future patrolling the Hyde, Hattersley and Hollingworth area, dealing with any incidents involving youths causing annoyance. Positive action WILL be taken,” a GMP spokesman said, according to the Manchester Evening News.

“Please ensure that you know where your child is and what they are doing.

“If you fail to ensure your child is behaving in the correct manner and they come in to contact with police then your child may be arrested and you may receive fines and in some instances face eviction.”

Crimes – under the anti-social behavior banners – include dropping litter, vandalism, making noise and harassing neighbors.

Greater Manchester, Police (GMP) Tameside South was flooded with requests for extra vans on its Facebook page.

“Co-op Talbot Road please. Only been open 6 weeks. Same kids every single day and night since it opened,” user Cath Shaw said.

“Need it round Haughton Green too. Bus drivers having a hard time with stupid kids playing chicken & putting wheelie bins in the road,” Lina DiNozzo wrote.

“Can we have one for Bredbury & Woodley area? It’s getting worse round here,” Jacqui Owen posted.

“Need a bus in Mossley please, asap, preferably a double decker,” Susan Vickers also commented.

However, some were critical of the police and questioned the usual response time to reported crimes.

“What is the point of this when 90 percent of crime is written off at source by the customer service desk even if there are lines of enquiry,” one man said.

A spokesman for Tameside Council said that, “In many instances anti-social behavior can be prevented by effective early intervention,” the Manchester Evening News reports.

“In some cases, involving serious or persistent anti-social behavior, statutory powers are available to provide protection for victims, witnesses and communities.”