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London double-decker crashes into building, multiple passengers injured (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)

London double-decker crashes into building, multiple passengers injured (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)
A double-decker bus has crashed into a building in southern London, injuring several passengers, medics said.

The incident happened in Lavender Hill, a shopping and residential street in the Battersea area, on Thursday morning.

London Fire brigade, ambulance and Metropolitan police are working at the scene.

"The driver has been taken to a south London hospital. A number of passengers were treated by LAS [London Ambulance Service] at the scene," police said in a statement, adding that the road is currently closed to traffic.

London ambulance services said that medical staff are treating six patients following the incident.

Later, the London Fire Brigade‏ said that two trapped passengers from the upper deck had been “brought to safety.”

“Crews used an aerial ladder platform to bring two passengers who had been trapped on the upper deck of the bus to safety,” it said.

“I was on the top floor at the back, fortunately,” passenger Andrew Matthews told the Press Association.

“I noticed the bus drifting. I heard a smash and saw the roof of the shop going through [the bus] from the front left. It went to the fourth or fifth row [of seats]. I noticed a lady wedged in the front right-hand side. She was screaming for help. There was a lot of blood,” he added.

Local resident Solange Morin said that she saw a woman “shouting and banging on the glass [of the bus].”

"I went on to the bus. I talked to her and was holding her hands. She was pinned. I wouldn't have been able to get her out. She was so scared because people were shouting fire. There was a lot of smoke," she added, as cited by the BBC.