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2 Jul, 2017 17:58

181 high-rise buildings fail safety tests in Grenfell probe - UK government

181 high-rise buildings fail safety tests in Grenfell probe - UK government

Some 181 high-rise buildings in 51 local authorities across England have failed safety tests following the Grenfell Tower fire.

The announcement came from the Department of Communities Sunday, which is overseeing a full review of around 600 high-rise blocks across England.

At least 80 people died after a fire broke out in a residential flat and engulfed the entire building on June 14. It is thought the cladding on Grenfell Tower facilitated the spread of the fatal fire.

The staggering number of buildings to fail the test represents a rise from the 149 confirmed Friday and 60 last Monday. It’s feared the real number of unsafe residential buildings could be far higher when private blocks are considered.

Aside from residential properties, 36 hospitals and more than 17,000 care homes, hospices and private hospitals have been advised to carry out safety checks, along with a number of universities which have cladding on their student housing.

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The updated figure comes as the government appealed to anyone who illegally sublet their Grenfell flat to come forward with the actual identity of the occupants, promising that they will not be prosecuted.

Police said it could take until the end of the year to reach the final death toll from the disaster as they attempt to identify all the victims.

There are currently 23 flats in which police have been unable to trace the occupier.

Police said they have listened to 26 emergency calls made to the London Fire Brigade by people who said they were inside one of those 23 flats. And have “previously listened to each and every one of the 600 plus 999 calls made to the emergency services that night.”