#DogsAtPollingStations: Britain’s favorite election day tradition returns

#DogsAtPollingStations: Britain’s favorite election day tradition returns
While dogs may not have the right to vote in the May 4 local elections, their owners are taking to Twitter to share photos of pooches with a penchant for politics.

Elections are being held in 34 councils in England and for all councils in Scotland and Wales on Thursday.

As voters head to the polls, their disenfranchised doggies are forced to wait outside. In what is becoming an election day tradition, voters have taken to social media to post pictures of their four-legged friends waiting patiently.

#DogsAtPollingStations also trended on Twitter during the 2015 election and last year’s EU referendum.

Pictured outside a polling station on Thursday, Prune questioned whether there was any justice in humans getting a vote while dogs miss out.

Other pooches seem slightly perturbed about yet another vote.

Others were unimpressed about missing out on their usual morning walk.

Murphy was not very keen on having to join his owner to vote, either.

Dougal, who was attacked 12 days ago, made it to the local polling station despite barely being able to walk. His owner says he knows the importance of voting.

Another pooch seems concerned the election won’t swing his way.

Angus, a Lakeland Terrier, looks thrilled to be at a polling station in Gifford, while Molly, in Swansea, seems content to be taking part.

Bane the French Bulldog was doing some campaigning of his own outside a polling station, pledging to bring down the cost of tennis balls if elected.

It’s not just dogs getting in on the action. Geese and cats were also spotted.