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Nibbly’un dictator! Ex-soldier faces jail for biting off man’s ear while dressed as Gaddafi

Nibbly’un dictator! Ex-soldier faces jail for biting off man’s ear while dressed as Gaddafi
An Afghanistan war veteran who drunkenly bit off part of a man’s ear while dressed as the late-Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi now faces jail time.

Geraint Jones, 25, attacked his victim after hours of drinking in pubs around Aberystwyth, where he is studying history.

His victim, Gwyant Jones, lost the lower part of his ear in the attack. His assailant acknowledged in court Wednesday to carrying out the attack.

When I approached him, my intention was to bite his ear. It’s a horrible thing to do but it was not my intention to bite it off. My intention was to bite his ear in order to shock him,” the former serviceman said.

Prosecutor Ian Wright told the court that the accused “approached from behind and placed his hands on his shoulder before biting his left ear – ripping the lower section off. He was seen giving high fives in the street afterwards.

The victim told the court that all he could recall was “being at the bar and then suddenly feeling a lot of pain.

I leaned forward and I think that’s when my ear must have ripped off and I saw lots of blood.

James Hartson, defending, told the court that Jones “described what he did as disgusting and reprehensible. He is not for a moment excusing his behavior.

He has worked in some of the most dangerous and hostile places in the world.

The severed section of the ear was recovered but could not be re-attached, the court heard.

Judge Geraint Walters said: “The custody threshold is well past. His behavior that night was quite bizarre, it’s a very rare form of violence.

Sentencing will take place at Swansea Crown Court in March.