RT UK’s Francis ‘The Viper’ Higgins goes walkabout in Trump’s Washington

RT UK’s Francis ‘The Viper’ Higgins goes walkabout in Trump’s Washington
RT UK’s favorite Irish comedian, Francis ‘The Viper’ Higgins, was so dismayed by mainstream media coverage of the US presidential election last week that he flew all the way to Washington DC to offer his own unique view on proceedings.

‘The Viper’ said he rose to the challenge after seeing the poor quality of mainstream coverage in the run-up to last week’s vote.

The creator and presenter of popular RT UK YouTube show ‘Viper’s View’ was keen to gauge the public mood. He will return on Friday after filming the final episode of his three-part US special.

The comedian’s special election coverage consists of unusual, and at times surreal, interviews with ‘ordinary’ Americans on the streets of Washington DC.

Although Higgins interviewed several young Americans who were distressed by the election of Donald Trump as president, he told RT UK the unexpected result was also an opportunity.

When Trump won I got straight out there with the camera thinking, ‘This is going to be four years of comedy gold so I better get the Cadillac on the road,’ so to speak. But I’m sure the lefties don’t see it that way.

At the launch of ‘Viper’s View’ in June, Higgins said: “I actually want to punch rolling news in the eye and offer a view which may falter at the hurdle of bias and deference, but yet leaps to victory past the ticker tape of honesty and instinct.”

Higgins told RT UK it was “essential” he delivered on this promise to his fans by covering one of the “biggest and most contentious” political events of the decade.

I wasn’t going to leave it to Fox and all the rest of them to tell us what’s happening. If nothing else amid the doom and gloom I’m determined to give people something to laugh about.

Published on RT UK’s YouTube channel each Thursday at 5pm, ‘Vipers View’ sailed past 1 million hits soon after launch.