Stupid, dirty, ugly: Brits not up to much in Europeans’ eyes, according to Google searches

Stupid, dirty, ugly: Brits not up to much in Europeans’ eyes, according to Google searches
Many might have long suspected it, but now Google may have provided some form of proof - that Continental Europeans are not fans of the British charms.

According to Google’s autocomplete feature, which predicts users’ questions using the site’s most searched terms, the rest of Europe has a pretty low opinion of the United Kingdom.

Countries such as the Netherlands seem to wonder why Britons are so “ugly,” and the Portuguese seem confused over why the English are “cry babies.”

Germany doesn’t seem to hold the Brits much higher in esteem, often asking Google: “Why are the British so stupid?”

But perhaps the Italians are the most unimpressed with good ol’ Blighty, wanting to know why its inhabitants are “dirty.”

According to the marketing wizards behind Search Laboratory, the Italians have a point: research has shown that the Brits don’t shower as often as other nations.

Other neighboring nations seemed to simply find British habits perplexing. Hungarians don’t understand why milk should be added to tea, and Lithuanians are baffled as to why people drive on the left in the UK.

But there were also some nations of Europe that seemed to not quite know what to do with the Brits at all. Austrians weren’t sure whether England was a country or a city, Greeks thought English was a dialect of the Hellenic language, and people in the Czech Republic have been telling Google: “Englishmen are sailors.”

Brits not keen on Europeans either

While people across Europe still seem to believe in old stereotypes about the British, Albion’s residents also look with distrust at many of their friends across the Channel.

Britain’s most typed-in questions about Europeans on Google included “the German stare” and “the Spanish lisp.”

But perhaps there is some hope after all, as the lovelorn Brits have no qualms looking for love overseas. British women in particular seem to put their hopes on Latin passion, asking Google about “Italian men in bed” and “what do French men like.”